Hi. I’m K Chiucarello. My friends, family, and sworn enemies call me KC. If you’re adamant on taking a stab at my last name, the ‘u’ is silent. I live in the Hudson Valley. 

When people ask me what I ‘do’, I usually suggest I’m a writer. It’s true: I love words. I love writing as a way of figuring something out. I love text that is deliberate and slow. 

You know Conjunctions? I edit over there. Here’s a super wild Lucy Ives piece we ran in Issue 74. I also edit for Empowerment Avenue, working with the wildly talented Meech Buckley. I edit as an excuse to solve puzzles through sentence shaping.  

I also ~also~ tutor with a focus on creative writing and storytelling because the softest spot of me wants to pull stories out of everyone. I tutor within the carceral system, on behalf of Bard Prison Initiative, an initiative you should definitely, 1000% know of.


Last year, I awoke in a fever dream and was named a Truman Scholarship finalist, advocating for broader education access in the carceral system.

In summer 2022, I was in residence at CraigArdan. In 2021, I was a Tin House Summer 2021 scholar. It’s been a really good couple o’years. 

When I’m not writing, anyone can tell you I’m often sobbing over the perfect nuances in any given Springsteen song. Throughout the seasons, I have a long-standing commitment to learning every water hole within the Catskills. If you scroll this map and can point me towards a new swim spot, I promise to name a character after you in some eventual future work of writing. Tell me about that swim hole here, through the contact portal.


This year I blacked out for seven months and miraculously wrote the entire shape of my debut novel, tentatively called Disappearing Margins. Disappearing Margins is a novel about a woman who becomes obsessed with the act of giving birth, following the fall out of a queer and violent relationship. It has unnamed narrator vibes and a will-they, won’t-they subplot. But there’s also wealthy New York City children and a story about dimes.

Largely, it is a book about the overlaps of domestic violence and domestic labor. It is about how caretaking is front and center in both of those things. It is a story about storytelling and how women utilize narrative to build out the worlds around them, regardless of if their worlds are in reality built around how others tell stories about them. It is a story about how storytelling can dictate a body. It’s actually a quite funny book.

Disappearing Margins, and my writing generally, is represnted by Emma Dries at Triangle House. Please contact her for any inquires. 

If you generally want a line directly to me or if you wanna stop shop about caretaking,
you can say hi through that same swim hole portal.

Chapters are going to break down into a tri-fold arc and look something like this


01. The Call    02. The Cemetary   03. Cull   


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